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Established in 2021, ICT Foundation Nepal is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing innovation, startups, and visionary ideas, with our primary goal of contributing to the development of a Digital Nepal. Operating globally, we collaborate with public and private sector partners to create innovative project models at community, national, and regional levels, serving as the building blocks for an e-society.

Engaging in policy-level plans and execution of ICT initiatives in collaboration with government bodies, we actively support Nepali startups in the digital literacy field, fostering their growth and scalability. Committed to our country's mission of digital transformation, we play a crucial role in driving progress and connectivity in Nepal's digital landscape.


At ICT Foundation Nepal, we’re driving digital progress through innovative initiatives across communities, regions, and the nation. Our goal is to build a digitally enabled and interconnected society, leading Nepal’s digital evolution forward.


At ICT Foundation Nepal, our mission is to foster innovation, support startups, and advance towards a connected, technologically advanced society. Collaborating closely with the Nepal government, we drive projects that promote digital transformation, sustainable growth and scalability opportunities across the nation.

ICT Foundation is an organization aimed to work towards the country’s mission of digital transformation. It works in policy level plans, discussions and execution of various ICT initiatives in collaboration to local and central level government bodies. It has been supporting the nepali startups who work in the field of digital literacy with their growth and opportunity scalability.

Primary Objectives

Advocacy and Policy Contribution: Go beyond advocacy, actively contributing to the Nepal government’s policy-making for digital Nepal in all levels (local, province, national). Through research and collaboration, it offers expertise and recommendations to drive informed decisions and advance digital transformation.

Digitalization and Development: Drives socio-economic growth through digital technologies, focusing on bridging the digital divide and fostering innovation across sectors to support national development goals.

Digital Inclusion: Promotes digital inclusion by providing access, skills training, and advocacy to bridge the digital divide, ensuring equitable participation in the digital economy for all segments of communities.

Initiative Execution and Capability Building: Executes initiatives and builds capacity through training and collaborations, fostering innovation for sustainable digital development.

Digital Literacy: Align with Digital Nepal to boost national digital literacy through collaboration with central government bodies, local authorities, and private sectors.

Fostering Startups and Innovation: Actively contribute to the development of startups, innovative ideas, and entrepreneurship through various means, including investment and partnership for growth.

Research and Analysis: Conduct research in collaboration with central government bodies and international organizations, sharing findings through various media channels to promote awareness and informed decisions.

Our Initiatives