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Startup and Idea Fest

Startup & Idea Fest” by ICT Foundation Nepal in collaboration with Living with ICT promotes local startups, innovators, offers mentoring, and creates investment opportunities, which began in 2019 across some provinces of Nepal. Due to the global pandemic, the 2020 event was conducted virtually. Since then, the program expanded physically covering all seven provinces annually from 2021 to 2023. Shortlisted startups from each province participate in final rounds held in Kathmandu, featuring bootcamps, mentoring sessions, and exhibitions. Lastly, the winner is chosen from the top five best startups and is awarded with the ICT award for best provincial startup.

The last event at Kathmandu in October 2023 hosted over twelve thousand attendees and featured more than eighty startups with voting for favorites.  All in all, Startup and Idea Fest organized every year is focused to contribute towards the development and promotion of the Digital ecosystem.

Startup and Idea Fest 2023

The event, held on 6th-7th October 2023 in Kathmandu, saw over 12,000 visitors and featured esteemed guests such as Ms. Pramila Devi Bajracharya, Mr. Ganesh Shah, Mr. Birendra Mishra, and Mr. Hempal Shrestha. With 80 plus digital startups and innovations from across the nation, attendees had the chance to vote for their favorite startup during the event.

Startup and Idea Fest 2022

Startup & Idea Fest 2022 was  organized in all Seven provinces after the success of provincial events , with the aim of promoting local innovators working in the digital sector and increasing the necessary investment. The final event was organized in Kathmandu by Living with ICT. This event showcased innovative ideas and projects from local startups and students. Participants  presented their ideas and projects with the participation of an expert selection committee. They  also get an opportunity to participate in counseling sessions of successful local and central entrepreneurs in the IT sector.