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Reports and Publications

Digital Nepal Conclave 2024 Report
Digital Nepal Conclave 2023 Report
Digital Pradesh Paridrishya Vol. 2
Digital Nepal Conclave 2022 Report
Digital Pradesh Paridrishya Vol. 1
Digital Nepal Framework

ICT Foundation published “Digital Pradesh Paridrishya Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 ” to showcase the digital status and capabilities of all seven provinces, based on discussions held during the completion of Digital Samvad sessions across each province. These sessions involved government representatives, experts, and stakeholders from respective provinces.

Similarly, ICT Foundation Nepal has successfully released reports namely “Digital Nepal Conclave 2022”, “Digital Nepal Conclave 2023” and “Digital Nepal Framework” from the nation’s largest digital event itself, Digital Nepal Conclave. These reports focus on Nepal’s digital agenda and unlocking its growth potential. Copies of both reports have been distributed to all levels of the government.

Presently, ICT Foundation Nepal on behalf of The Department of Information Technology (DoIT), Government of Nepal (GoN), is conducting a survey titled “Inventory of ICT Industry in Nepal.” This inventory aims to compile Nepal’s ICT industry data, assess its current status, identify SWOT factors, and provide data-driven recommendations for policy and investment decisions.